MoR Collects 169.5 Billion Birr Revenue With In Seven Months

In the last 7 months of this fiscal year (July 2020 to February 02, 2021), Ministry of Revenues (MoR) has a plan to collect 169, 408,889,004.82 Birr. It has collected 169,501,789,893.03 Birr achieved 100.5%

It has shown 22,168,777,582.26 Birr or 15.5% increment compared to the same period of last year.

The Revenue comes from three sources; Domestic Tax 104, 815,623,800.06 Birr. Customs’ duty and Tax 64, 552, 168, 645.74 Birr and Net Income from Lottery Sales 133, 944, 447.23 Birr.

The revenue collected in the last 7 months of the fiscal year is very remarkable compared to the current situation of our country. This good result is achieved as :

1. Most of our taxpayers are able to pay their taxes for the benefit and development of their country without giving many reasons.

2. The management and staff of the Ministry are able to work with strong support and monitoring.

3. The revenue collection achievement is not limited to our institution and our taxpayers’ performance. It is also the result of the enthusiastic cooperation and significant contributions of many partners.

Lake Ayalew Revenues Minister expresses his sincere respect and gratitude on behalf of himself and the Ministry of Revenues, to all parties and call on them to further strengthen coordination and cooperation to do a better job.

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